The Reception

The day after the wedding we all woke up at a reasonable time and had a lovely pancake and fruit breakfast (all vegan, thanks Becky!). Everybody packed up and got ready at their own pace. Ben and I were heading down the mountain by about 10:45 and dropped by India Palace for some take-out curry. My parents and their team of helpers headed directly to the reception location to set up while Ben and I headed home to take showers, unload our car, and pack up the stuff we needed for the reception.

Once we were ready, we headed over to Ben’s friend Joel’s Parent’s backyard (a lovely place) and set up the sound system and dropped off some things. Then we headed over to my parents house so that my sister could do my hair and I could attempt to make myself as good as Flavia had made me look the day before.

We ended up leaving just in time for the reception (my make up took longer than expected), but it really didn’t get going until a quarter past 5. The weather was hot with dry winds, which was completely unexpected. We had borrowed a canopy for the food table from some friends to protect it against rain but had to make some emergency calls to get a more heavy duty one to withstand the wind. Around 5:30 the canopy showed up and cast a nice shade for the easily-melt-able treats (see what we made in this post and see pictures in this post). Leo got some great photos and I could relax and greet guests.

The reception went from 5-8 and had a pretty good revolving crowd the entire time. A couple of people showed up a bit late and Ben and I ended up staying and talking until nearly 9. Ben and I had fun greeting the many people who weren’t able to make it to our wedding (since it was close family only) and seeing friends and family we hadn’t seen in years. Oh, and eating a million treats. They were all so amazing.

Once we finally left the reception we headed straight to my parents house where they had all of our gifts out so we could start opening. It was so much fun! See what we got here and here.

So, here are some pictures of the night. Again, we don’t have our professional photos yet so these are just from the people who were there.

My cousin, Chelsea, and I
Our guestbook! Ben drew this tree himself in pencil and then we had people sign it by doing a thumbprint and writing their name next to it.
People hiding under the canopy with the food during a brief rain storm.
A double rainbow that showed up near the end!
Giving a thumbs up for the rainbow
Us opening presents

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