Omar’s Rawtopia in Salt Lake City, Utah

On our way up to Park City last weekend, Ben and I dropped by Omar’s Rawtopia and got take-out that we had for dinner in our condo later that night. Though Ben and I have been to Omar’s quite a few times before, some reason I’ve never taken pictures of our food or reviewed it. So, before we ate, I made sure we got pictures of our food so I could spread the word about how amazing it is. For those of you who think raw food is all about salads and raw vegetables, think again. I am pretty sure Omar’s could convert anyone to raw food. (And I’m 100% sure that if Omar made me three meals a day I would become a raw foodie.)

So, for his entree, Ben got the raw pizza on greens. The pizza is a flax, sprouted buckwheat, and apple crust topped with a tomato sauce, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, other random veggies (this time there was broccoli), avocados, basil pesto, our famous nut/seed cheese, and love. As usual, it was fantastic.

For my entree, I got the falafel bowl. The falafel bowl is a bed of mixed greens topped
with zucchini, tomatoes, onions, celery, avocados, our nut/seed falafel biscuits, and live tahini dressing. Don’t you love the little purple flowers on top?

All decorated

On the plate with the falafel and dressing

For dessert, we got a vanilla and a chocolate pie with strawberries and coconut. SO GOOD.

Anyway, everyone should definitely go there. It’s a little pricey but so worth it, especially if you haven’t had raw food before! 5/5, hands down. Check out their menu on their website (link above). Their entrees include some pretty cool things like a bean burrito, pasta, and even sushi!


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