Cafe Trang in Park City, Utah

For our last dinner in Park City, Ben and I went to Cafe Trang. Ben’s mom (vegan) and sister (pescitarian) have been there multiple times and had recommended it to us, so I was excited to go. When we first got there, I was immediately a little turned off. It was small and low-lit, and the table and benches felt sticky (something I HATE in restaurants). I found the vegetarian section of their menu, which was quite large, but realized that when they said vegetarian they meant pescitarian since a lot of the dishes had fish or oyster sauce on them (printed right on the menu!). I asked the waiter what could be made vegan and was surprised that even MORE of the dishes had fish sauce in them than listed on the menu! Thus the vegan portion of the menu was narrowed quite a bit.

So, after some searching, Ben decided on the La-Han Vegan (above) and I went for the Vegan Chicken with Broccoli (right). We got our dishes relatively quickly but I was not impressed at all. Ben’s dish was very greasy and over-spiced with hardly any vegetables and a ton of noodles. My dish was just plain awful. The ‘chicken’ was made from seitan and had a horrid spongy texture. It was topped with ‘sauteed’ green onions that were more like slimy wilted onions and then it had this absolutely terrible gravy that tasted like it was turkey gravy from a package. Then it had half-steamed broccoli and carrots around it. Ick! I was not too happy. But, I was hungry and trying to see what Ben’s mom and sister could possibly see in this place so I ate some of Ben’s veggies, the broccoli and carrots around my chicken, and a few slices of it. Ben finished up his plate and tried a slice of my chicken and then left the rest. THEN when the waiter came to get our plates he had the audacity to say something about wasting food and not eating it all! First off, rude. Second off, the food was terrible. I just let it slide and said I was full because I wasn’t in the mood to argue. $30ish later, Ben and I walked out of the restaurant feeling gross. Both of us felt gross and bogged down until the next day when we finally cleansed it out with a big green smoothie and some oatmeal. Phew.

I will give Cafe Trang a 1/5. They do have some vegan options and a lot of pescitarian options, but their food really sucks. I am wondering if the Salt Lake location is any better, but I don’t want to waste my money to find out.


One thought on “Cafe Trang in Park City, Utah

  1. I am sorry it was so awful. I only have been there once and it was the Salt Lake one. So for the one time I went there it was good and I did like the many vegetarian options. But yeah that is rude of the guy to say that too.

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