Squatters in Park City, Utah

While in Park City, Ben and I had a few places lined up for lunch. By the time we got out of our movie at around 1 we were both absolutely starving and ran to the closest place we knew of. After searching for it for twenty minutes or so we called them and found out they were out of business. We then ran to two more places, both of which were closed for lunch. Serves us right for not calling ahead. Anyway, by this time we were famished and decided to just to to the only place we knew was open for lunch, Squatters.

I had never been to Squatters before and was expecting to be able to get some fries or chips or something and maybe a salad sans dressing. I was so pleasantly surprised when I got there and they have VEGAN items on the menu, labelled VEGAN! And yes, items not just item!

So, Ben got the Mexican salad and I got the Greek salad. We also got the chips and salsa. Both of our salads were great and the dressings were awesome. The chips and salsa were good and we were very happy to have gotten a healthful, tasty lunch when we weren’t expecting it.

I give Squatters a 4/5 for having quite a few tasty vegan options.

UPDATE: I have been here since and absolutely LOVE a ton of their menu items! I changed the rating from a 3.5 to a 4, which is pretty good for a non-vegetarian place!


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