Thrive Diet Eats

It has been a week and a half since Ben and I went off our juice cleanse and started The Thrive Diet. Well, probably more like a week and a day or so, since we were off it while we were in Park City.

So far I am completely loving it. I am seeing all of the ‘side effects’ that Brendan Brazier, the author, says will happen. Better sleep quality, elimination of junk-food cravings, improved mental clarity and moods, and eliminated need to rely on stimulants for energy. The only one I’m not seeing is the weight loss (ability to burn fat more efficiently and maintain lean muscle). But since I’ve only been on it for technically a week I’m not expecting much. I also haven’t been working out, so that’s part of it too. Ben is seeing the elimination of junk-food cravings, improved mental clarity and moods, eliminated need to rely on stimulants for energy, and weight loss (why can’t I have this instead of him!?). He isn’t really feeling the better sleep quality yet, so we will see what happens.

The first thing about The Thrive Diet we found out is that it is very, very time consuming. For the first week Ben was spending all day day cooking all of our meals, which meant that he basically just kept up with when we ate. He would get up, make breakfast and then eat it. Get started on lunch, and then eat it. Make the afternoon snack and eat it while working on dinner, and then eat that. Then right after dinner he would have to get to work on the evening snack and then eat that, and then we would have an hour or two before bed! But since then we have figured out how to do it much more efficiently. We got a bigger food processor, which helped a ton with saving time (he was having to do 4-5 batches of things for a single meal). We are also making dressings, dips, and snacks in advance so that the salads are just chop and toss and the snacks can just be pulled out of the fridge. We are also learning what meals are easier to make and sticking to those. Since then it has been much more manageable, and as we find a groove I am sure it will be even easier. But I still applaud Ben for being such a trooper!

The second thing we found is that is can be very, very expensive. For the first week Ben was spending $150-200 every two to three days on food. That’s nearly $500 a week, and $1,500-2,000 a month on food! Absolutely no way I was going to pay for that. The problem was we had a ton of food in the fridge going to waste, too! We found that we had extras of a lot of meals and since we were eating with the meal plan when we had extras we didn’t eat them. So, when planning our meal plan for this week we mixed and matched meals so we ate the same thing for two days in a row and then switched so that we didn’t have any waste. We also planned it so we had foods that used the same dressings since the recipes for those make big batches, and then we were buying less ingredients every week. While this cut down on our variety a bit (though not a ton) it also cut down significantly on our costs. When Ben went shopping and bought a week’s worth of food a few days ago he only spent $110. Wow! Since then we have had to go get a couple more things that we ran out of, but our total is still under $150.

So, those notes being said, I think this diet is amazing. The food is fantastic and it really works! I don’t feel deprived or hungry and I feel better than ever. I can’t wait to see if it pays off with my weight too 🙂 Here are some pictures of our recent eats.

Popped amaranth rooibos pizza
Curry lentil crackers with fresh pineapple salsa
Cashew carrot ginger soup topped with cilantro
Almond flax seed burgers topped with sweet pepper hemp pesto and a side of spring greens

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