Back From Seattle

So we have been back from Seattle for two days and I haven’t posted anything about it! I am such a slacker. I have hardly posted at all in the last two weeks.

Anyway, here is a post about our trip. We got in to Seattle last Tuesday night and then hung around the city touristing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We visited the Fremont Troll, the Fremont Lenin statue, the Volunteer Park Conservatory, the Kubota Gardens, the Japanese Gardens in the Arboretum, and the Lake View Cemetery where Bruce and Brandon Lee are buried.

Friday PAX started and we spent all day and night playing video games, going to panels, doing interviews, meeting people, handing out business cards, and taking pictures. Well, Ben was the one doing all that stuff. I basically spent my days walking around requesting cosplayers to let me take their picture and getting pictures of the conference for Ben’s website. I also went around collecting random “swag” (video-game related junk, or “Stuff We All Get”) for Ben’s upcoming PAX 2011 swag giveaway. At night I would head home and watch crap on tv (including Sex and the City, who knew it was actually fun to watch?!) while Ben bought people drinks until the wee hours of the morning.

Besides all that we ate at a TON of amazing vegan restaurants. We seriously probably spent 50% of our time eating. I haven’t written any reviews yet, but just to wet your appetite: We went to Wayward Vegan Cafe, Araya’s Place, Mighty O Doughnuts, Cyber-Dogs, Pizza Pi, Georgetown Liquor Company, Baguette Box, The Juicy Cafe, Bamboo Garden, Thrive Cafe, Flying Apron, and Side Car for Pigs Peace (not a restaurant, but still a vegan food activity). Reviews to come soon(ish), I PROMISE.

Aaaaand here are the photos of our adventures:


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