Georgetown Liquor Company in Seattle, Washington

After an enormously long bus ride to the Kubota Gardens in south Seattle, we dropped by Georgetown Liquor Company our our way back in to the city. Georgetown Liquor Company is an all-vegetarian bar and restaurant that has a bunch of vegan options. It’s pretty out of the way if you are heading to Seattle, but it’s also pretty worth it.

Since it was a bar and it has ‘liquor’ in it’s name, I figured we HAD to get a drink while we were there. and even though it was 2 in the afternoon, I ordered a cocktail. I got the Clock Work Orange Martini, whose description is simply “Viddy well brothers, viddy well”, but is made of Stoli Oranj vodka with muddled oranges and a dash of Cassis. It’s served with a little curly orange peel. Though the drink was stronger than I was expecting, I was impressed. The flavors were lovely and if it had been later in the evening I might have drank the whole thing. Luckily Ben’s brother Josh was with us and could down it with his beer 🙂

For an appetizer, we got a creamy artichoke arugula dip (can’t remember what it was exactly called). It came out bubbling and served with pita triangles. It was very tasty and I really liked it. One thing I loved about it is there was more a very high dip to triangle ratio. Since usually it’s the other way around, I was pleased to be able to pile on as much dip as I wanted and not worry about running out.

For my entree, I got the Picard sandwich with split pea soup (at the recommendation of one of the Seattle vegans I talked to before our trip). He was spot on. The sandwich was FANTASTIC and so was the soup. Seriously, one of the best sandwiches I’ve had. It was made up of lentil-sage Field Roast slices, roasted red onions, creamy roasted garlic spread, and tofutti cream cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun. It also came with a side of French dipping sauce which I don’t think was necessary (the sandwich was good enough), but made for an interesting, almost double-sandwich dish. The split pea soup was warm and lovely and even had chunks of vegan ‘ham’ in it. It came with two little slices of French bread brushed with olive oil that were fun to dip with.

For his entree, Ben got the portobello salad. It was a large plate of spring mix tossed in some kind of vinaigrette topped with the most amazing marinated and grilled portobello mushroom. It was plated with little pieced of French bread brushed with olive oil. A fantastic dish.

For his entree, Josh got the special of the day which was a muffit steak wrap and a side of curried carrot apple bisque made vegan so we could have a bite. And though we only had a bite, I know his dish was a winner. The wrap was amazing and the soup was perfectly sweet.

Though we were all quite full after our appetizer and entrees, we had to get a dessert. We ordered the sweet oregon cherry mousse with vanilla saffron cream to split between the three of us–and I am so glad we did. This was the most unique, fascinating, and wonderful desserts I have ever had. The saffron cream was so different from anything I had ever had, and I think by itself I wouldn’t have liked it. But, paired with the cherry mouse… wow. It was quite a symphony (CLICHE).

In the end, I would give Georgetown a 5/5. Their food was unique, creative, and most importantly, tasted good.

AH! AND I almost forgot to mention the freaking amazing names of all the dishes. Darth Ruben…R2-Pita2…The Enterprise…Capt. Nemo… C’mon. You know it’s gotta be a winner.


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