Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria in Seattle, Washington

The second day we were in Seattle, Ben and I went to Ben with a high school friend of mine who now lives out there. We went to Pizza Pi, an all-vegan pizzeria. Though we had never been I was pretty excited because they had a vegan calzone (see right). CALZONE! I haven’t had a calzone in years.

We started with the spinach and artichoke dip to split between the three of us. Unfortunately I was too busy catching up to take a picture, but it was really good. It was super creamy and served warm with pita triangles.

For our entrees, Ben and I decided to get both a calzone and a stuffed crust pizza to split. (YES! STUFFED CRUST PIZZA TOO!) For the calzone, we got the veggie which had marinara sauce, artichokes, black olives, roasted garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes. For the pizza, we got the field roast which had white garlic sauce, field roast chunks, fresh tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms. And we made it a stuffed crust.

The pizza was awesome. I was very impressed by the stuffed crust and would get it again anytime. The toppings were good and in good proportions, but there was not nearly enough sauce. The white garlic sauce just kind of disappeared, and I think it would have been better with a marinara/white garlic mix. The dough was good and the crust was thin, so all in all I thought it was pretty good.

The calzone on the other hand was a bit disappointing. there was way too much dough for the amount of filling and the filling was too dry. I don’t think there was any cheese in the filling and the sauce was sparse. I also didn’t like how acidic the artichoke/sun-dried tomato mixture was. It was served with a white garlic dipping sauce, but it didn’t really help and it honestly tasted like really plain sour cream (no tang).

In the end, I would give Pizza Pi a 3/5. The appetizer and pizza were good but the calzone felt so thrown together without any thought or expertise. I was really impressed by the stuffed crust, especially since I had never seen it before, and I was happy it was done well. I wish I had been able to try dessert to see how they did, but with what I had I would say the restaurant was pretty average.


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