Cyber-Dogs in Seattle, Washington

While we were at PAX we ran to Cyber-Dogs a couple of times for a quick lunch. Cyber-Dogs is a tiny vegetarian hot dog shop in what used to be a storage closet for the Washington Convention Center. The whole vibe of the shop is probably my favorite part. The deco is crazy and overwhelming. You could stare at the walls for hours and keep finding new things. There is even stuff on the ceiling! Plus, as soon as you walk in there are little notes to Bob Dylan and the Dalai Lama (should they ever arrive)–Sweet! Also, they are always playing the coolest music and movies. First time we went they were playing ‘Hackers’ (classic) and this time they were playing ‘The Triplets of Belleville’ (AMAZING).

Since we have only been to Cyber-Dogs during PAX, we have only seen the stripped down version of their menu. Though it is a vegetarian place, any of the hot dogs on the menu can be veganized.

Here, we have the Mama Tatiana (Italian field roast sausage, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, fresh basil, garlic, and vegan cheese sauce):

Here we have the coney island (chili and vegan cheese sauce):

And all of their hot dogs come with random pieces of candy:

So, here’s the thing, I really like Cyber-Dogs. I love the atmosphere and I love their super creative hot dogs. But their internet is ghastadly expensive and they are not very efficient at making hot dogs (30-45 m wait, though I do have to give them kind of a break b/c they are super busy during PAX). I don’t know. I liked them more the first time I went but this time I was slightly turned off. The mama tatiana had cooked tomatoes this time instead of fresh and mixed with the artichoke hearts it made the dog very acidic. I was also disappointed with their lack of vegan options other than hot dogs. Last time we were there they had vegan tiramisu, this time the only vegan snack they had were rice dream chocolate bars, and the only drink of theirs that didn’t have sugar or HFCS in it was some bottled juices (see a snack I purchased from them one day in the pic below).

Soooo I’m going to have to give them a 3/5 for this visit. Last time I gave them a 5/5 but I think that my rating system was much more lenient and I had a better experience.


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