The Juicy Cafe in Seattle, Washington

The Juice Cafe is a healthy-ish cafe inside the Washington Convention Center (where PAX took place) that serves alternate protein options and some veganizable foods. I went there twice for breakfast on the days we were busy while we were in Seattle because it was fast and close to PAX. Both days I got a smoothie and some of their energy/breakfast balls. They had a pretty stripped down version of their menu for PAX (60,000 people walking through that convention center for three days) so I had to keep it simple.

The first day I got the Green Monster (see below), which was mango, banana, spinach, cucumber, and some kind of protein (I chose hemp). It was pretty watery and bland but at least it was healthy! I also got three of their balls. The scary greens ball, peanut  butter ball, and the museli ball. All three were decent (not amazing)–but, again, healthy!

The second day I got the Perfect Shake, which was strawberries, banana, spinach, milk (I got organic rice), and protein (I got hemp again). And again, it was watery and blah. I think their water to ingredients ratio is WAY off.

In the end, I would give it a 2/5. Multiple options, easy, fast, and healthy, but not all that good. I do have to credit them for having multiple protein and milk options, plus organic options!


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