Baguette Box in Seattle, Washington

One day for lunch we dropped by Baguette Box in Seattle near the convention center at the suggestion of our host. Baguette Box is a sandwich shop that serves ‘traditional Vietnamese cuisine blended with Pacific Northwest innovation.’ Though, what we got reminded me of a good French baguette sandwich shop.

Ben and I got two sandwiches to split, the grilled Asian eggplant and the crispy tofu. We wanted to order a side of truffle fries but were disappointed to learn that the fries and fried in the same oil at all the meat, so had to pass (at leas they told us!).

The grilled Asian eggplant sandwich was grilled Asian eggplant, tomato, grilled vegetables, spinach chickpea spread, carmelized onions, and fresh cilantro on a white baguette.

The crispy tofu was avocado, braised coconut juice tofu, pickled daikon carrots, and red onions on a white baguette.

I think both sandwiches were drizzled with a little truffle oil because they were a bit oily. What was great about it is the truffle oil made it so it didn’t taste just like oil drizzled on your sandwich but gave it great flavor.

Plus there were paintings of dogs all over the place. How can you not love that?

So, even though there were only two vegan options on the menu, those two options were darn good. And even though Baguette Box serves meat, I am going to give it a 4/5. They sure do know how to make their sandwiches.


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