Pain au Chocolat

Last week, Ben’s sister Meaghan (see her blog here) had her second baby. Ben and I wanted to bring her a gift that was better than just baby clothes or more little blankets. We wanted to do something for HER. So, Ben thought we should make her some kind of treat. I wanted to make her something decadent. Cookies or brownies just didn’t feel right. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do something French. Something… fancy. So I started browsing my recipes and came upon a Pain au Chocolat recipe from Vegan Dad. Perfect!

So, over the last two days and I whipped up a double batch of these babies so we could have some and we could give some to Meaghan. It took from 4-5 hours total between making the pastry dough (it’s a croissant dough recipe from Vegan Dad) and preparing the pastries. I used two strong dark 70% cocoa Chocolove bars for the filling. Vegan Dad recommends using 1 Tbs per pastry, but I used three squares. Naughty!

This morning I sent six pastries with Ben to Meaghan’s house. No word yet… but I am hoping she loves them as much as I do! Makes you want to get preggers just so I will send you some, right?


One thought on “Pain au Chocolat

  1. Beautiful!! Home made puff pastry is a chore. Yours looks perfect. What a nice gesture…if I ever have a baby I would be floored if someone made me homemade pain au chocolat!

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