Thrive Cafe in Seattle, Washington

One day in Seattle while Ben was waiting in line for nearly four hours to play some new game, I took the bus by myself over to Thrive Cafe. Thrive is a vegetarian (vegan?) raw food restaurant that is part of a company that does raw food healing retreats and community outreach through food.

After looking at Thrive’s (HUGE) menu, I finally settled on the Oh My Sombrero! salad. The salad was spicy raw taco meat on top of romaine served inside of a cabbage leaf and garnished with red bell pepper and cilantro. It was supposed to be “crowned with mountainous drops of onion cashew cream, guacamole, and salsa,” except for the fact that after I ordered the guy at the counter told me they didn’t have guacamole and would do sprouts instead. Blah. I probably should have chosen something else at that point but I didn’t want to take the time to look through the whole menu again. I also wouldn’t describe the onion cashew cream as ‘mountainous.’ Despite those things, I enjoyed the salad. It was a lot of lettuce for how much taco meat and dressing there was, but I still enjoyed it. The taco meat was done well and I did like the flavor of the cashew cream.

For dessert I knew EXACTLY what I wanted. The key lime eclipse. Key lime pie is by far my absolute favorite kind of pie so I was ecstatic to see it on their menu. It came in a little box since they sell them standalone for take-out too. Unfortunately these pictures don’t depict how beautifully tall this slice of pie was, but it was massive. I was so happy and the pie didn’t disappoint. It was decadent and perfect.

While I was there I ordered a few snacks for the plane ride home. I got some of their house-made cheesy kale chips and some raw trail mix in bulk. Both of which were fantastic. The kale chips were pretty standard, but pleasant and the raw trail mix was the best I’ve had.

In the end I would give Thrive a 4/5. The food wasn’t flawless, but they definitely knew what they were doing and it was pretty good raw food. The prices were also pretty reasonable.


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