First Annual Vegan Pie-Off

A little over two weeks ago, Ben and I went to the first annual vegan pie-off hosted by Tomas Riasg and Kelly Green (of Cakewalk). Ben and I were a bit nervous about entering the pie-off since it was the first year and we weren’t sure how competitive it was going to be. So, we just brought potato salad (recipe here) for the potluck and tasted all the pies!

Our potato salad

here were a couple of judges nominated before the event who did not cook pies that taste tested all the pies before we got to try them. Then we all dug in and ate and they announced the winners.

The spread
My plate of ‘real food’
My plate of pie (I went back for seconds of my favorites)

The winner pie was a raspberry blackberry rhubarb. Ben and I didn’t think it was the best one there, but it was good. There was an apple pie with a perfectly flaky crust Ben thought should have won, and I was head over heals for the black forest pie. Next year we are going to have to enter for sure!


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