Fall 2011 Symantec Dutch Oven Cook-Off

My faithful followers will remember that in the spring Ben and I competed in the Symantec Dutch Oven Cook-Off and made a vegan pot pie. They went on to write about us in the Symantec internal newsletter and quoted me saying “I will give those tough guys a run for their money (in the fall cook-off).” Though I don’t think I really believed in then, it looks like my positive energy payed off!

I actually wasn’t going to even compete in the fall cook-off. It came up so fast and I had no idea what I was going to make, plus I didn’t know if I could stand behind my challenge to all of Symantec meat-eater-dom (call me a wimp, I can take it). But, just over a week before the cook-off the organizer called me and asked why I wasn’t participating. I told him it had just come up too fast and I wasn’t ready and he told me that he really wanted me to participate and that it was nice to have some diversity at the cook-off. This lifted my spirits a bit so I told him I would and convinced a very begrudging Ben that it would be fun.

The cook-off (our dutch oven is that one peeking out on the right)
Ben ‘cooking’

The night before the cook-off I decided on white peach pie (recipe here) with ice cream. I ran to the store and bought a bunch of peaches and woke up early the next morning to prep. Our cooking went smoothly except for the fact that the pie cooked a little long and we cut it really close for the tasting. I was so worried the crust would be soggy and horrid but, amazingly, it turned out PERFECTLY. It was flaky and cooked through, just perfect.

Taster samples with So Delicious ice cream

One thing we did differently this year is we didn’t tell anyone it was vegan. We just told them it was peach pie and ice cream. The funny thing was only ONE PERSON asked us what kind of ice cream it was (and it was positively, they said they would have to go buy some). I honestly don’t think anyone else even noticed the difference. It was amazing to watch all the people just gobbling it up and talking about how good it was not knowing that it was vegan.

Ready to be baked

For those TLDR among you, and for those of you waiting to hear what happened, WE WON SECOND PLACE DESSERT. Yes, us. The us that almost didn’t enter. The us that came up with what we were making the night before. THE VEGAN US. We WON. (Recipe here.)

Us with our name badge (which you can’t see) and our dutch oven after the cook-off

I am seriously so happy we won. And right on the heels of those vegan chili guys winning 3rd place in the State Fair Chili Cook-Off. I really hope the stigma that vegan food is gross will change. People all over the place are making tasty, amazing vegan food that is winning all kinds of people over. Oh, and don’t worry, I am going to make sure that they emphasize that our prize-winning peach pie and ice cream was 100% VEGAN when they announce the winners to the company.

Our prize

See a few more pictures here.


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