Bread Party

Almost two weeks ago, Ben and I attended a swanky bread party hosted by Holly and Russel Nix over at A House Chair Personal for Russel’s birthday. Ben and I baked up three loaves of my mom’s ‘easy French bread’ recipe that I have been dying to find an excuse to try (recipe here). Only one loaf made it to the party. THAT’S HOW GOOD IT WAS. I also whipped up a batch of spicy herb and olive oil dip for the bread (recipe here). Both were fantastic and received compliments galore. Below are some pictures of our offerings and of the food at the party. It was a little too dark in the house to get any decent pics with my camera, but hopefully I can steal some pictures from someone else’s Facebook soon.

Dip in a jar
Bread and dip
My plate: French bread and dip, strawberries

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