Sage’s Cafe All You Can Eat Pizza Night

Last week, Ben and I went to Sage’s Cafe’s weekly all you can eat pizza night. I love Sage’s, so I was really excited to see what kinds of pizzas they could make with their weekly leftovers.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed. The all you can eat pizza included an all you can eat salad with balsamic vinaigrette that was pretty plain. And then there was the pizza. My first piece was a simple basil and marinara with a parmesian-ish cheese and I was super happy with it. But then it was all downhill. First a taco pizza, then breakfast pizza…yuck. Even the simple Italian vegetable pizza was gross–oily and covered in…bean sprouts?

Anyway, I wasn’t happy. I wish I had gotten a few more pictures of their frankenpizzas, but I just got this one of a piece of pesto and veggie (seriously, is it possible to mess that one up? apparently…).

Honestly, I just think Sage’s was trying way too hard to get rid of their leftovers. It seemed like the pizzas were just suffering from too much going on. Whether it was too many out of place veggies like with the pesto veggie and Italian veggie, or whether it was too many sauces like the taco pizza, hamburger pizza, and breakfast pizzas, it was just too much. Oh, and the crust wasn’t even that good! Not to dis gluten-free people, but it tasted like it was one of those gross gluten-free crusts. Cardboardy and flavorless. Seriously.

To bring the night back, Ben and I ordered a yummy brownie to split.

So, if you like your food to just taste good I wouldn’t go to all you can eat pizza night at Sage’s. But if you like experimenting and trying new, weird, possibly bad flavors, go for it. There were some kids there with their mom and they seemed to be having a blast.


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