Vegan MoFo Day 4: Raw Food Month Day 3

Yesterday was my third day of my month of raw food. For breakfast, Merilynn started us out with a dinosaur kale gallbladder cleanse smoothie that kind of made me cringe. The taste itself wasn’t so bad, but the initial lemon and other unknown flavors was so intense I got the shivers. No idea what was in that baby, but I’m pretty sure it was healthy.

A few hours after I had finished sipping down my shake, we had endive boats for lunch and some chocolate macaroons. I had never had endive before but I really liked it. Basically it’s a little flower-looking leafy vegetable that you pull apart. The leaves are kind of furry and crunchy. Merilynn made a lemon cashew filling and piped it into the leaves and then topped it with paprika. Very, very filling for how small they were–I was surprised!

For my afternoon snack I had some kale chips (pic to come). After work, I had a Vega protein shake and then went to the gym. When I got home from the gym I was much hungrier than I had been in the first two days and all my detox symptoms were gone. I had an enormous amount of our leftovers from the night before,–a lentil and quinoa dish with marinated portobellos on the side–followed it up with some kale chips, and then went to bed.

Day 3 and we are still going strong. Stay tuned until tomorrow for more pics and hopefully a recipe!


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