Vegan MoFo Day 24: Meh

I know I’ve been a bad MoFoer this last week or so, but I’m honestly not that worried about it. Ever since my computer went out of commission I have been spending more time at the gym, more time with ben, more time in the kitchen, and have had more time to myself. I still get on Facebook and I still check my email, but I’m not on ALL THE TIME like I have been for the past five years or so.

What’s weird about it is it really hasn’t been that tough. I haven’t gotten computer cravings (probably because I’m on the computer at work 8+ hrs a day) and I don’t miss reading every single status update in my Facebook feed for hours.

—- RANT: IWhen it come to Facebook I have to make sure I read EVERY status update there is, just in case I were to miss something. So when I get on I have to read my feed all the way back to the hour, minute, and second that I last was on, reading. This means if I go on vacation I have DAYS of useless information to catch up on. I have been known to do this ‘catching up’ for hours. Literally. Oh, and I do this on my blogger feed too. Imagine how much time I was spending looking through feeds?—-

Yes, this also means less blogging. Not that I haven’t been cooking, eating, having fun, and taking pictures. I just haven’t had a place to PUT them. They’re all safely tucked away on my phone. I hope I get them up eventually, but I also am cool with knowing that they may never get up.

To sum it up: less blogging, more life. I know it sounds cliche, but I’m cool with it. And I’m enjoying not having a computer (weird… weird…). So, that’s it–and I’m not too worried about it.


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