My Birthday!

For my birthday, Ben and I decided to do the simple dinner and hang out thing. I didn’t take work off or anything, we just went to dinner after work and spent the night doing nothing together. Originally our plan was to do a nice weekend away, but I decided to spend all that money and splurge on some really nice presents for myself (coming later…). It was a really chill and uneventful birthday, but that’s kind of how I like it.

For dinner, we went to Omar’s Rawtopia. We both got a combination plate with a wrap and a salad. Ben got the burrito and kale salad (right), and I got the Lebanese wrap and special of the day, coconut curry rice (below). Both were super yummy.

Aaaand here are lovely collages of pictures we took while we were waiting (click to enlarge). Adorable, no?

After dinner we came home and had cake that Ben’s mom bought me from City Cakes. It was gluten-free and made with beet sugar. AND beautiful. I felt I could splurge a little since it WAS my birthday 🙂

The next night, we went to my parents house for dinner. Every year my parents and I have a tradition of making something new together. This year my mom decided to try lettuce wraps. She did a tofu-peanut-fried noodle version and a Mexican version. Both were fabulous! We finished it off with the rest of the cake.

Ok, so here comes the good part. Instead of spending money on a weekend away or a pricey three-course meal, I spent a good chunk of money on myself. I don’t think I’ve every gotten so many presents before! I got two new pairs of winter pajamas, a whole new underwear wardrobe, a few new bras, and a bathing suit. Then Ben and I splurged on a few sets fantastic 600 thread count sheets and a new comforter. WHOA.

Our bed

All in all, I think is was a great birthday. I’m still getting used to telling people I’m 22 and I feel older than ever (DUH).


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