Animal Allies Club Vegan Thanksgiving

Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving again with the Animal Allies Club. The Animal Allies Club is Utah Valley University’s animal rights club that I was once the president of and am still involved in. N. ow the president is our friend Holly and it mostly serves to host vegan outreach, potlucks, and social events. We have been having a vegan thanksgiving for the past four years and I always love them!

This year, Ben and I made rosemary and chive biscuits (above) from the cook book Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations. They were a huge hit and definitely a new favorite.

We also made ‘beef’ wellington which was a big hit at our Easter dinner this year. This time we made it a bit different. We made the seitan roast ‘beef’ from last year’s Thanksgiving and then followed the same basic instructions for creating the pastry shell from the ‘beef’ wellington recipe. I definitely prefer the roast ‘beef’ recipe over the original recipe, but I think we have decided that we prefer our seitan plain rather than wrapped in pastry dough. This may have something to do with the fact that we are too lazy to make what would probably be a really good pastry dough and thus opt for the freezer kind, but whatever.

The Thanksgiving overall was a bit sparse. It was definitely fun and enjoyable, but the meal was mostly breads, main dishes, and dessert. Some people had committed to some side dishes but never showed up, so we just got to enjoy bits and pieces 🙂 One thing that was great about it is that it was mostly new faces. Ben, Holly, Russel (Holly’s husband), and I were the only ‘original’ AAC members that were in attendance. Holly is doing an amazing job at vegan outreach!

After dinner, Holly, Russel, Ben, Christian (another friend), and I drank coffee and played Castle Ravenloft in to the wee hours of the morning. Overall, a very successful night.


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