THE Thanksgiving

Whew. Our ‘real’ Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day last week was our THIRD Thanksgiving. Granted, we only had to cook for two of those Thanksgivings, but I’m still pretty Thanksgiving-ed out. Done with rich, fatty, sugary foods and on to healthy, clean, yummy foods that make my tummy happy!

For our ‘real’ Thanksgiving, Ben and I went to my parents house and enjoyed it with some of my family. See the above picture for the lovely festive table my mom set.

For dinner, we made/brought the following things:

Spinach artichoke dip from Vegan Celebrations and pita chips
French onion dip from Vegan Celebrations and kettle chips
‘Chicken’ Seitan from The Real Food Daily Cookbook
‘Beef’ Wellington (recipe here, ‘beef’ recipe we used here)
Cheesy sage gravy (recipe here)
So Delicious coconut vanilla ice cream
Pumpkin cheesecake (recipe here)

My mom also had cut veggies for the dips, vegan stuffing, cranberry orange sauce, vegan cornbread, salad, and vegan apple pie. She also had some non-vegan items, but everything was vegetarian! Oh, and my aunt and uncle brought a turkey for their family (ick). So… it wasn’t totally vegetarian/vegan, but it was super close. I was so proud of everyone for being cool with a veg Thanksgiving, and even prouder for almost all of my cousins, brothers, and sisters who took seitan over turkey. I think everyone at least tried the seitan, which I also thought was awesome.

Oh! And everything we made turned out amazingly. I am loving my Vegan Celebrations book that I got both of the dips out of–everyone was really impressed. I also decided that the ‘beef’ wellington is much better without the criss-crossing of dough over the top. This time Ben and I just cut slits in it and it cooked much, much better.

Here are some pictures of the food and the day:

Spinach artichoke dip
French onion dip
‘Chicken’ seitan
‘Beef’ wellington
Salad, coleslaw, and cranberry sauce
My very, very full plate
Pumpkin cheesecake with a graham cracker crust
We used our springform pan for the fist time on this–doesn’t it look lovely?
My cousin, brother, and Ben playing Just Dance
Ben and I in a dance-off
My sister, cousins, and us

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