Honeymoon Vacation

Well, we are finally back from our loooong honeymoon vacation and have tons of pictures to show off! I don’t want to have to list all of the things we did, so if you are really curious you can read this enormous blog post that I wrote before we left, or you could just look through the pictures.

Overall, the trip was fun. It’s not Ben and my favorite trip of all time, but we did do a lot of new things and we enjoyed being together.

Highlights are our day at Universal Studios, the time we spent on a secluded beach we found on Great Stirrup Cay, the time we spent in the on-board spa, getting to use an underwater camera for the first time (and laugh at all the pictures we took!), and all of the amazing food we ate in New York. We marked two items off the vegan bucket list (on the right side of this blog)–eating at Candle 79 and splurging on a Matt and Nat bag.

The things we didn’t like are really all centered around the cruise itself. Though we did things to make it enjoyable (like go to the spa, the shore excursions, etc), we found it overall to be boring and not really ‘our thing.’

First off, the food was pretty bad. I had originally found NCL on PETA’s list of top vegetarian/vegan cruises, so felt pretty safe assuming they could take care of us and we wouldn’t starve. And, though we didn’t starve, the food was in no way enjoyable. By the last two days on the cruise Ben and I would hold off on eating as long as we could just because the food was so bad. I think we ate literally fifty PB&Js during the week we were on the ship because it was the most palatable thing we could find. The crew on the cruise was very helpful and would try to help us find things we could eat, but it was a huge hassle. No one knew what was in anything in the buffet, so every time we wanted to eat something we had to find the head chef (which would usually take 10+ minutes) just to find out something had milk or butter or something in it and then have to start all over again. For our meals, we could also meet with the Maitre’D of the main restaurant and make a menu for ourselves, but who wants to have to come up with dishes based on the limited vegan supplies the cruise kitchen had on their vacation? That also didn’t really work because we had to tell them exactly when we would be by for the meal so they knew when to make it, which sucked. To top it all off, everything we ate on the cruise tasted EXACTLY THE SAME. Like it was all cooked in the same flavorless goop. We had Indian food, Mexican food, Pizza, an asian stir fry, etc., and it all tasted THE SAME. Ick. The one good thing we ate on the cruise was sushi from the sushi bar on board. The sushi was actually really, really good and they had a yummy seaweed salad with ginger dressing to accompany it.

Second, the on-board activities were lame. Most of what there was to do on board was eat, drink, socialize, and go to dance parties. There was also a pool (yuck) and gambling and stuff, but honestly nothing Ben and I wanted to do. This cruise really taught me the importance of picking a ship with on-board activities that you actually like to do! 🙂

In the end, the cruise itself was an experiment to see if Ben and I even like cruises. And we have decided that if we ever go on a cruise again it will have to be a holistic vegan cruise (check em out here).

Our time in New York was much more enjoyable than on the cruise. For starters, our hotel room in New York felt like a mansion compared to the cramped quarters of our cruise ship room. The food was infinitely better, and we were able to do what we wanted when we wanted (such a luxury!). One thing that Ben and I always find funny when we visit iconic cities is how normal they are. When people talk about places like New York, London, Paris, etc. they make it sound like the city is gilded and you walk around with your eyes nearly bugging out of your head. That being said, we did enjoy the many fabulous vegan restaurants in New York, the MET, and the two plays we saw. We didn’t like the insane crowds, the rainy weather, and how dirty everything was. I do think we will go back–I want to visit a few more restaurants and museums!

Anyway, that’s our trip. I know I talked about a lot of negative things, but the trip was an experiment, and we did actually enjoy ourselves 🙂 Below are a list of restaurants we visited and links to our reviews:

Juice Generation
Moo Shoes (ok, I know, not a restaurant…)
Pure Food and Wine
Candle 79
Zen Palate
Babycakes NYC
Hard Rock Cafe Universal Studios
Confisco Grille (inside Universal Studios)


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