2012 Goals

Together goals

Strengthen our relationship
Be more active in the day-to-day
Get out and do stuff – Camping, hiking, seeing movies, etc.
Continue to eat better
Continue to workout more
Read more
Make a significant dent in our debt

Meggie’s Goals

Take Molly on more walks
Make dog food from scratch
Volunteer at Ching and Courage Reins
Take Ben to the Krishna temple at least once
Get a promotion at work
Do yoga and meditate more

Ben’s Goals

Make freelance web design work
Get to his goal body
DM a successful D&D campaign
Be more artistic – Draw, write, paint, and generally create more

A Review of Our Goals From 2011

Together goals

Have a weekly food budget of $100 – We are still doing this!
Only eat out once a month – We have drastically cut down our eating out–some months we didn’t even eat out at all!
Only eat treats once a week – We have drastically cut down our junk food eating. We don’t buy treats and rarely buy the ingredients to make them either.
Set weekly or monthly exercise goals – This lasted for a couple of months and then we gave up. However, we both started working out a lot more in 2011, so I would say this was a success.
Eat a vitamin shake every day – Still going strong on this! We have moved from Tru-Food Vegan to Vega, but still eating a shake every day.
Do yoga at least 1x a week – Failed at this :/
Save money for an undisclosed event in our near future – This event was our wedding and it is completely paid for!
Make it to the Krishna Temple at least once – Fail
Drive less and take public transportation more – Fail

Meggie’s Goals

Learn to drive stick – Fail! We ended up buying a new car instead. Doesn’t mean that I didn’t try, though!
Be on time to work every day – Getting better at this.
Take Molly on a walk every day – Fail
Try making dog food from scratch – Got a cookbook of vegan dog food, but haven’t made any yet.
Use the recipes I have – Doing great at this!
Eat less oil, refined grains, and sugars – Have been great at this all year, though it’s a daily journey.
Stop drinking alcohol – Did drink some alcohol during 2011, but greatly reduced my intake. I would call this a win.
Drink green tea – Was doing this during the first half of the year, but then decided to stop drinking caffeine.
Drink more water throughout the day – I have been doing AWESOME at this!
Do the Master Cleanse at least once for the full 10 days – Didn’t do this, but did do a juice cleanse and a raw food cleanse. Soooo I would say those count.
Drink 2 shakes a day – Was doing this for a little while but then just started combining them.
Eat a salad every day – Have been doing awesome at this! Lots of salad eating and lots of creativeness!
Get in shape – Did not meet my specific ability goals for this. However, I have created a new goal to just be better–workout more, eat better, etc. I’ve come to the realization that ‘getting in shape’ is not something that is simply done. It’s a lifelong pursuit and a constant effort.
Be featured in Vegan MOFO next fall – Didn’t end up even trying to do this.
Participate in Vegan Care Package Swap this August – Totally did this! Read about it here.
Volunteer this summer at Ching and Courage Reins – Fail

Ben’s Goals

Get all As during the spring semester – Fail
Study after every class – Did awesome at this!
Contribute daily to literature class discussions – Did awesome at this!
Finish Robert Cheeke’s fitness book
Start eating 3,000 calories a day – This is an ongoing thing, but Ben has DEFINITELY been eating more. Success!
Drink protein shakes before and after working out – Success
Start lifting more – Doing AWESOME at this. Ben is now lifting at the gym for 2 hours 4 days a week.
Bring food from home – Did awesome at this while he was in school


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