Gobo in New York, New York

Gobo is New York City restaurant that serves ‘food for the five senses.’ They serve healthy, fusion-type vegetarian food (though I think only 2-3 of their menu items weren’t vegan, and they were clearly marked). We were extremely lucky that they were open on Christmas day or we may have starved to death. I was surprised that hardly any vegan restaurants were open!

We got the passion fruit black bubble tea (we LOVE bubble tea!) and pan seared vegetable dumplings to start. For our entrees, I got the truffled wild mushroom panini with onion fonduta and Ben got the grilled soy cutlet with cashew spread, sun dried tomatoes, and onion sandwich. For dessert we got the multi-layered chocolate cake dusted with green tea, and for after dinner Ben got coffee and I got a fresh juice.

The bubble tea and the dumplings were yummy, but I wasn’t so happy about our entrees. Both of the sandwiches were dry and tasted much more greasy and unhealthy than I expected.

The dessert, coffee, and juice were delicious. The cake was very, very moist and Ben loved their coffee.

In the end, I would only give Gobo a 3.5/5. Parts of the meal were good, but other parts weren’t. I would like to try some of their more Asian dishes if I ever went again to see if those are better. Besides the food, the service wasn’t very good.

Juice mustache
Cool wood art on the wall

One thought on “Gobo in New York, New York

  1. Yeah, Gobo is definitely hit-and-miss. I've stopped going there because they're not consistent. We make the trek up to Candle Cafe or Angelica Kitchen (although their service is sometimes crappy too) instead. Too bad they weren't open. :/

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