Babycakes NYC in New York, New York

While in New York, Ben and I went to Babycakes NYC. Babycakes is a pretty famous healthy vegan bakery from NYC. They have some pretty serious traction and have been features in magazines like Vogue and Inc., and are even opening a location in Disney World! Pretty cool.

I had heard only good things about them, so I was pretty excited to head down there and see what they had. First off, I want to say they seriously know their stuff. All of their ingredients are as healthy as you can get and they really strive to be the best at what they are.

That being said, it’s hard not to compare them to City Cakes in SLC. And, honestly, City Cakes wins. I know that Babycakes is all about healthy ingredients, but in the end when I get a cupcake or a doughnut it’s still a treat and I feel like it’s such a fraction of a difference I don’t know if I would choose Babycakes over City Cakes just because of the health factor.

Here are a few things that, in my mind, make Babycakes inferior to City Cakes:

– Their selection. When we went, they really only had five types of cupcakes, a few types of sweet breads, one type of doughnut, and brownie bites.
– The fact that they don’t have ‘real food.’ All Babycakes serves is treats, coffee, and tea. Sometimes I want a little food with my dessert!
– Their shop. The Babycakes shop was TINY. I don’t think they expect you to come in and sit down with your coffee, which I hate. I hate feeling like I can’t enjoy my food because the seats are cramped against a wall and really just for looks.
– Their frosting. All of the Babycakes desserts were fantastic, but I have a bone to pick with their frosting. They make it with coconut oil instead of margarine–and, while I understand this is quite a jump in the health scale, it tastes nasty. No creamy flavor, no substance. It just tastes like flavored nothing.

In the end, I would give Babycakes a 4/5. They have fantastic products and I would definitely go again, but ultimately my home town City Cakes wins.


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