Rich’s Mighty Fine Burgers and Fries in Salt Lake City, Utah

A little over a month ago, Ben and I dropped by Rich’s Mighty Fine Burgers and Fries in SLC after hearing that they had a pretty decent veggie burger and fries.

We got the roasted artichoke heart burger with the veggie patty and a side of fries. The roasted artichoke burger was really the only burger on their menu that could be veganized since most of the other ones relied heavily on other types of meat or cheeses (think bacon and mushroom swiss).

The artichoke burger was roasted artichoke hearts and grilled tomatoes on top of a house-made black bean patty with lettuce and onion on the side and a toasted bun. I put ketchup and mustard on my burger and dug in. It was a pretty big burger, and while the veggie patty was pretty good I thought the burger was kind of lacking. First, I think some vegenaise would really help out. Second, the artichoke hearts and tomatoes could have been seasoned better. They may have had salt and pepper on them, but only a minimal amount. They could have used more salt, pepper, maybe some garlic salt…etc. The fries were yummy, the perfect size, and fried to perfection, but they REALLY needed more salt.

One thing I was really impressed with at Rich’s was the guy that worked there. He was totally awesome and so accommodating.  After I ordered a vegan burger with fries he told me that he wanted to make sure the fries were vegan and went and scoured the frying ingredients and even brought them to me to check out. After our meal he asked us how it was and asked ways that they could improve their vegan options. Very cool.

In the end, I would give Rich’s a 3.5/5. Just because of their food, I would probably have given them a 3. But, Ben insisted that their service and attentiveness deserves a higher rating, so we are giving them a 3.5/5.


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