A Public Response to Carl Freeland, Owner of Organic Manic in SLC

After I published my review of Organic Manic in SLC, Carl Freeland (the owner of Organic Manic), responded to my review in a comment. I think that his comment needs to be addressed and I hope that he reads this post like he read my last post. As I stated in my original review, I think this restaurant has a novel concept and could go far if they implemented a few changes.


In response to your review,Organic Manic would like to explain the following:
We do not COOK anything!SORRY! – This is confusing to me on two levels. 1. There were obviously cooked soups stewing in crock pots at the restaurant. 2. He might be referring to the fact that I said the head chef “cooks all the food.” I said that the restaurant was raw and define the term ‘cook’ as all-encompassing for preparing and creating all types of food. Certain people may make the distinction when talking about raw food, I do not.

The “LASAGNA” is made with no MUCUS FORMING CHEESE or pasta, but organic zucchini, basil and tomato sauce, and a walnut and oregano filling.
The “cheese” like recipe is made from CASHEW and NUTRITIONAL YEAST(extremely high in Vitamin B12), along with organic lemon or lime juices. It is a gluten free recipe, and is our #1 selling item. – I am vegan and am aware of the health affects of cow cheese, which is mucus-forming. I am also aware of the nutritional properties of many foods. I know I did not make this clear in my review, but I was writing a review not an endorsement of raw food living. I judge food based on its taste as well as its nutritional value, and in this case the taste did not live up to my expectations. Just because food is healthful does not mean it needs to be bland. I have visited plenty of raw restaurants that can make their food raw, healthful, and delicious. 

Also, I am glad it is the #1 selling item. I think the customer response to this item reinforces my suggestion to include more pre-made items in the buffet.

In response to the “burger” it is made of Brazil nuts, almonds, and vegetables. It is NOT a BURGER, but a nutritious,alkalizing, nut and veggie patty. The word “BURGER”is never heard in our restaurant.
– I am sorry that the word burger is not cool with raw foodies. However, I think that the pedestrian person who comes into the restaurant is going to call it as they see it. I am also surprised that there were no comments made about my calling things onion rings and pizza. Maybe I should have called them ‘nutritious, immune-boosting onion snacks’?

In response to our NO-FISH-SUSHI,sushi is not crispy!It is a complex recipe with over fourteen different ingredients, all highly nutritious and healing to the body. – This, I believe, is in response to me saying that the sushi was “wilty.” I understand that sushi is not supposed to be crispy. However, when the nori on sushi becomes saturated with moisture, it becomes chewy and wilty. This is completely understandable since it was sitting in a buffet line and filled with live, hydrated foods. However that does not make it palatable and maybe it’s not such a good choice in a buffet setting.
We have over sixty items in our buffet, 58 of them suitable for the gluten free diet. We are sorry that you were overwhelmed and could not catch the real concept of a RAW FOOD BUFFET. – I was overwhelmed, and I can imagine that many people who walk in to your restaurant are overwhelmed like I was. Not everyone who walks in will have the imagination and background to create tasteful dishes from your buffet as your master chef does. I still think that suggestions on how to combine ingredients and more pre-made dishes would be a good choice. If I may say so, I think that your goal is to bring people to raw food, not drive them away.

The food is prepared fresh every day by our staff who is directed by the “little, kind lady at the cash register”,who happens to be a Master Herbalist and raw food chef for 15 years. – I am really sorry if this came across as offensive or demeaning, I absolutely did not mean for it to be so.

Our staff takes great pride in presenting fresh and raw, vegan, gourmet food to our customers.
Instead of sitting and waiting for a plate of food to be placed in front of you, please use your imagination to create YOUR OWN.
We understand that sixty items might be a bit overwhelming,but step out of the box and be creative for yourself! – See my comment above. I have had experience with raw food and do feel that I can think outside the box. I can only imagine what a person who is new to food and raw food would feel when they came in to your restaurant.

Because we are a FULL, RAW, VEGAN,BUFFET, we are providing to the public as much variety as can be produced in our facility for a very fair price.
Thank you for your time.
Carl Freeland, Owner
– I agree that the prices are fair and I do think you have a great concept. I am excited to come back in a few more months and see if any changes have been made.


3 thoughts on “A Public Response to Carl Freeland, Owner of Organic Manic in SLC

  1. I have to say, I've been to Organic Manic with my mother, who is a raw food chef, and we did feel a bit overwhelmed. There seemed to be a lot of sauces and veggies but it was hard to pick something out as a meal. We decided on the cashew 'cheese', which was delicious, some dehydrated crackers and agave onion rings. Everything was delicious and filling, but it felt more of a snack to me than a meal. Also we were given samples of their green drink and even each bought a bottle! The restaurant has great flavours and tastes, but i do agree that maybe organizing the food in a way where you can see more 'meal' type foods to put together would be helpful.

  2. I was curious to try this place until I read the comment from the owner. Why would I support his business? He was inexcusably rude to a customer and very belittling. You have to be more open to constructive criticism and a little more welcoming for people to want to come eat at your restaurant.

  3. You were way more gracious than I could have been. What a pretentious, condescending jerk! I will never give this place my business based on his attitude alone. If I wanted to prepare my own food I would! At home!

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