Chin Chin in Las Vegas, Nevada

While in Las Vegas, Ben and I went to Chin Chin for dinner. Chin Chin is in the New York, New York hotel on the bottom floor. I had read on Happy Cow that Chin Chin was vegan friendly, so I was hopeful. When we got there I asked our waiter if he knew what vegan was, and he looked surprised and said “of course!” before chuckling to himself. That was a good first sign. He guided us through the menu with ease and I was happy to find out that 90% of their dishes could be veganized with the substitution of tofu instead of meat.

To start, we got the vegetable pan-fried pot stickers. They were really good and great with the spicy dipping sauce.

For his entree, Ben got the chicken lettuce cup with tofu. It was amazing! Tiny fried chunks of tofu with bell peppers, water chestnuts, black mushrooms, pine nuts, and white crunches… yum!

For my entree, I got the kung pao chicken with fried tofu. I had been craving kung pao for a while, but unfortunately this kung pao was just too spicy. It was too spicy to even enjoy, my mouth hurt too much 😦 Should have picked something on the menu that wasn’t spicy! Their spicy is just too spicy for me. I probably ate way more of Ben’s than he would have wanted 😉 What was great is they had brown rice! I love brown rice!

Overall, 4/5. I would go there again for a safe Chinese meal, even though my entree wasn’t so great. I would be excited to try the other items on the menu veganized, and I loved the pot stickers.


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