Go Raw Cafe in Las Vegas, Nevada

On our way out of Vegas, Ben and I dropped by Go Raw Cafe to grab some lunch for the drive. Go Raw Cafe is a really cool herb shop and book store with amazing food.

For his entree, Ben got the “Salmon” Cakes with “fries,” “garlic bread,” and a veggie salad (right). The salmon cake was drizzled with “tartar sauce,” the “fries” were breaded avocado wedges, and the “garlic bread” were garlicy flax crackers. Ben got this because it sounded really interesting, but the cake was strange and strange-tasting. I wasn’t a fan at all and only had one small bit. The avocado of the “fries” were just a bit too ripe–I would have liked them if they were kind of green. I really liked the “garlic bread” though!

I got the vegi-cotti full. The vegi-cottis were raw soft “tortillas” filled with “spinach-ricotta,” pesto, veggies, & marinara sauce served with a side of pasta primavera and a blend of pesto, marinara, olive oil, garlic, and sun-dried tomato. It was a seriously HUGE container of food and we enjoyed every bite. Totally delicious.

I also got the Cal-C-Yumm, which was parsley, kale, carrot, and apple juice. Again, delicsious!

We also got a taster of Kal-Chia garlic basil kale chips. They were SO GOOD, I wish I could have bought a whole container.

Overall, a 4/5. The salmon cake wasn’t a success but I have a feeling the majority of their menu items would be a hit. We definitely will go back the next time we’re in Vegas. I want to try their coffees, other entrees, and desserts.


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