Golden Phoenix in Salt Lake City, Utah

A few weeks ago Ben and I finally went to Golden Phoenix in Salt Lake. A little while after Evergreen House closed, Golden Phoenix opened up new dining and kitchen sections of their restaurant with Evergreen House’s menu. Exciting! So, Ben and I had to drop by. We actually never went to Golden Phoenix when they were around, so I can’t comment how it was in comparison, but I can give my opinion on their food in general.

We were super excited about the boba tea they had, as many of you know it is our FAVORITE drink. Theirs was very tasty and in true boba fashion.

Next, we got to try an appetizer they were trying that was kind of like a quesadilla with different  flavors and veggies (right). Then we got the crispy tofu boa, which was totally not what I was expecting. It wasn’t like tofu at all… it was kind of like flaky, greasy… chicken fingers with a ketchup-tasting sauce. They definitely weren’t bad, but they were SO greasy I could only eat one or two. With the flakiness it was almost like I was just eating layers of grease.

Tangerine boba tea
An appetizer that they gave us a taste tester of. I don’t know what it was called but it was so good!
Crispy tofu bao

For our entrees, Ben got the curry potato with soybean and I got the so good seaweed roll with brown sauce. I was very excited when I heard they had brown rice, and both Ben and I ordered it with our meal. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like either of our meals. Ben’s curry potato with soybean tasted like some kind of weird out-of-the-box gravy over hash browns, carrots, and a really weird tasting soy ‘meat.’ Mine was totally bizarre and I can’t really tell if I hated it or I hate fish now (it’s supposed to be like a fish filet). Either way, the nori and brown sauce combination totally grossed me out and I hated how the veggies were undercooked.

Curry potato with soybean
So good seaweed roll with brown sauce
So good seaweed roll with brown sauce

Sooo all I ended up eating was my half of the tester appetizer, a few pieces of tofu boa, and a probably two bites of my entree. I was kind of disappointed and want to go back to see if we just ordered the wrong things, but I also don’t want to pay for a bad meal again??? I don’t know. From this experience I would have to give it a 3/5.


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