Swimsuit Season? Not today…

So I almost died when I got the J. Crew swimsuit catalog in the mail a few weeks ago.They have some truly AMAZING suits this year! I was beyond excited. Sometime between October and January last year I was swimsuit shopping for our honeymoon and felt like I would never be able to find a cute one piece that was flattering and stylish. I finally settled on a pretty cute pink bikini (seen below) and wore it for the trip.

BUT we have a trip coming up with my family to San Diego and with my being Mormon they are not so keen on two piece swimsuits. So I was in the market again for a one piece swimsuit. I saw the ones from J. Crew and was immediately in love. I ordered a bunch online and returned them all except my favorite, as seen below. Isn’t it darling? and it fits like a dream! Be warned, though, I think their cup size runs one size larger than other places.

Anyway, so now I have this super cute bathing suit that I can’t WAIT to wear and it’s raining and drizzly outside 😦 Though maybe that’s a good thing because I’m pretty sure if it was sunny I would be parading around the yard in my new swimsuit.


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