Second Hike of the Season — Trying out the New Gear

Today we decided to try out all our new gear on a short, couple hour hike up Grove Creek Canyon just a few minutes from our house. We packed up our sleeping bags, tents, etc and set out. We wanted to test out the gear, specifically the backpacks and start getting them broken in. We also want to start doing short hikes not the weekends to get ourselves in shape to do some longer hikes (5-7 days) by the middle to end of the summer. We took it pretty easy since it was just a test run and ended up hiking for about 2 hours for a roundtrip of 4 miles.

It was a gorgeous day today and it was so clear we could see right across the lake. So pretty! It was super hot though, almost 80 degrees. It felt amazing but neither of us are used to the heat so we got fatigued faster than expected. I was sweating buckets!

For those of you who don’t know, Molly absolutely LOVES the outdoors. As soon as we pull our hiking boots out she starts whimpering and excitedly running around. By the time we put her harness on she is a whimpering jittery mess (it’s totally adorable). She makes the cutest sounds when she’s excited–like ‘mmmmmfff’ and ‘mmmmm!’ She doesn’t ever bark so it’s mostly just whining and kind of muffled grumbling. She runs straight to the car when we get outside and jumps right on the backseat. She loves having the window rolled down and sniffs the air the whole ride to where ever we are headed. I always tell Ben Molly is the perfect mix of house dog and outside dog because she can really hold her own when we get on the trail. She walks about 10 ft ahead of us and just trots along the whole time. She doesn’t mind rocks or shale and is great with other dogs and people on the trail. She’s so great! Oh, and she HATES when we stop to rest. If we stop for more than a second she runs ahead on the trail and looks around then runs back and makes disgruntled noises under her breath. As soon as we start moving again she runs ahead on the trail and looks so exited.

Anyway, enough about Molly. Here are pictures of us all outfitted with our gear and looking very sweaty.  We had so much fun today and I’m totally in love with our gear. I can’t WAIT to do longer hikes!


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