Camping in Sand Hollow

Last weekend Ben and I went camping at Utah’s newest state park: Sand Hollow Reservoir. We felt like getting away and wanted to do somewhere that could be a one-nighter (meaning there weren’t a million hikes we wanted to do in the area) and somewhere that was going to be warm. Sand Hollow, right outside of St. George, fit the bill perfectly. We drove down around noon on Saturday morning and hiked around the lake. Then we made dinner and hung out in our tent until we fell asleep. The next morning we packed up and had breakfast, and then drove home through Zion National Park since it was free fee day! Overall it was a nice, short, relaxing trip. It was Molly’s first time spending the night in a tent and I have to say she did fabulously. She loved the water and sand and I think enjoyed the trip–even all the driving!

Molly conserving her energy on the ride down
Our camping spot
Our view of the reservoir
The water–it wasn’t very cold
The beach
Running around in the sand
Dune darkling beetle (eusattus dilatatus)
Sand blowing across the dunes as the sun sets
Pooped on the ride home


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