Trip to San Francisco

Ben and I had a lovely trip to San Francisco last week. We actually stayed in Livermore where Ben’s sister lives, but spent a day in the city. We also went to Oakland, Berkley, and Santa Cruz. What’s nice about going out to Ben’s sister’s house is we’ve been there a few times before and so don’t have to do all the regular site seeing. We know where we like to go (Japan Town, Millennium) and so get to go there and then discover little places most people don’t visit (Jack London Square). Mostly we just spent a lot of time pool-side and in the sun. However, we did make it to quite a few restaurants including some new ones, so I will be posting pics and reviews soon!

Driving down
Wolf prints in Jack London Square
Jack London Square
Jack London Square
Jack London’s half-replica half-real cabin brought down from Alaska
A statue Ben thought was cool
Ben with his brother-in-law and nephews
My new bathing suit! I love it!
ADORABLE little sticky notes in tofu boxes at Japan Town
Osaka Castle replica in the mall
At the kids baseball games
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Santa Cruz Boardwalk
Delicious treats on the ride home


2 thoughts on “Trip to San Francisco

  1. It looks like such a fun trip! Isn't San Francisco the best? Japan Town is always on my must-do list too. If you're ever looking to stay in Japan Town, Hotel Tomo is really fun and not too expensive.

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