Cinnaholic in Berkley, California

After stopping by Souley Vegan in Oakland, we dropped by Cinnaholic to get some dessert. Cinnaholic was listed as one of the bucket list items on the VegNews bucket list (see bottom right of this blog for the list), so I was pretty stoked and looking forward to some seriously tasty rolls. Ben and I both got one of their pre-designed rolls, and at the cashier’s suggestion I got the cookie dough roll. Unfortunately, neither Ben and I were that impressed. The rolls were sickeningly sweet and the toppings didn’t help. I couldn’t even finish mine, which is pretty out of character for a sugar-loving chocolate-hoarding creep like me. I think it was just a combination of the sweet white flour roll, the frosting that was so sugary it was kind of crunchy, and then the dessert within a dessert toppings. I’m thinking maybe a custom-designed roll would be better with some fruit or something? But, if all their rolls have the same dough and frosting base I’m not sure I’d be a fan… In the end, 3/5.


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