Casbah Cafe in Livermore, California

While in Livermore, the city outside of San Francisco where Ben’s sister lives, Ben and I felt like going out to dinner. There isn’t much by the way of vegan food in downtown Livermore except zPizza, but we had already eaten there once. So, we decided to try Casbah cafe at the recommendation of Happy Cow. They had a few vegan things on their menu, but Ben and I both decided to try the falafel pita with tahini dressing. I also got the Casbah cooler.

The falafel was really good, the veggies were fresh, and the pita was home-baked and warm, but the dressing left something lacking. I had to get the waiter to bring me a second cup of it and even then I felt like it was a bit bland and dry. BUT it was decent and the price was reasonable. The Casbah cooler was interesting. It was basically cucumber flavored water with a tiny bit of sugar and fresh mint. Very light, I almost felt like I was drinking water. I honestly don’t think it was worth the $3 I paid for it, but it was interesting.

In the end, 3/5. I would probably normally give it a 2/5, but since it’s in an area where there’s not much else to eat I think it’s a viable option.


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