Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz, California

The last (interesting) place we went during our trip to San Francisco was down to Santa Cruz.We had a ton of fun walking along the boardwalk and going on cheesy rides after a yummy lunch at Cafe Gratitude. Ben and I have been to Cafe Gratitude before, but the location in Berkley. The one in Santa Cruz is a lot smaller and feels more like a cafe than an expensive restaurant, though the prices are the same.

I had remembered liking the food from our first time there, but all Ben could remember was it being expensive. After visiting again I tend to be more on Ben’s side. The food was decent and I liked everything we got, but for the prices I would have liked to get a LOT more food and top notch quality. I understand high prices with raw items because of the time they take to prepare, but Ben’s sandwich (he got the BLT with coconut ‘bacon’) served with a small salad was $12! I think that’s a ripoff.

I got the raw enchilada with sprouted seed filling, spicy mole, cashew sour cream and scallions served with a spicy Mexican coleslaw and salad. It was pretty dang good but, again, for $14 I don’t think it was worth it at all. ONE enchilada, a cheap coleslaw and then mixed greens with a dressing filling up almost half my plate? I don’t think so.

We also got some drinks, which were good, and some desserts, which were pretty good but not amazing.

ALSO the service was horrible and they were out of half of the things on their menu. So, even though their food is good and they are 100% vegan I can really only give them a 3/5. I honestly wouldn’t go there again if I had another option, and there are so many better options in Santa Cruz and Berkley!


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