Recent Events and Eats

Here’s some pictures of what we’ve been up to recently… we also went on a trip to Arches National Park, but I’m still editing the photos so you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer!

First… a veganized Big Mac! Ben has been craving fast food lately and since we really have nothing by the way of indulgent burgers and fries around here, we had to improvise! It was actually super easy–Amy’s quarter pounders, cheddar Tease, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, minced onions, homemade thousand island, and some white buns we found at our local grocery store.

Next… for Labor day we went to my family’s lodge in the mountains with some friends. I told some pretty amazing stories, as shown below in a picture Ben snapped of me, an went on some nice hikes.

We have, of course, been hanging out with our pets in bed a lot lately. It’s been spring-y here and that means rain and strange bouts of weather. One day it’s hailing and raining and the next day its 90 degrees. Typical Utah.

I also attended my 5-year high school reunion last week and hung out with some old friends afterward. It was awesome to see them and I was amazed at how much we still had in common.

Oh, and I made a tasty discovery. Ben and I always have those mini nori sheet and scoop up rice in them. I also love eating avocados with salt and pepper on them–and I finally combined the two! It wasn’t really like sushi because the nori sheets we have are really crispy and more like bendy chips… but it was delicious.

And the most exciting thing… I got a hair cut! I finally took the jump and got bangs for the first time in years. The cut is a lot more work and I have to buy a blow dryer for my bangs and product to tame my curly mane (not so flattering when there’s no weight from long hair to hold it down), but I really like it.


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