The Pie Pizzeria in West Jordan, Utah

Ben and I have had plain vegan cheese pizza from The Pie Pizzeria at a party, but haven’t actually gone in and ordered a pizza and bread sticks since they started offering vegan cheese. So when we got home from an overnight backpacking trip last Sunday (post on this to come) tired and hungry we just wanted some greasy, calorie-laden food that we didn’t have to drive too far to get. We found of the Pie in West Jordan was open on Sundays (about 20 m from our house) and decided to drive up there to get some food.

We ended up getting an order of vegan cheese bread and a much-too-large pizza with vegan cheese and veggies galore. It was all so filling that I only ended up eating two pieces of cheese bread and a slice of pizza. Ben ate quite a bit more but we had enough food for lunch for the following two days! I was honestly amazed at the price–for everything we got (I didn’t skimp on pizza toppings either) it was only $35! If we had gone to Este we would have paid that much for a pizza that we would have eaten in one sitting. Besides the price, the food was awesome! The cheese bread was super tasty and I loved the abundant garlic powder on the top and the marinara dipping sauce. The pizza crust was pillowy and cooked to perfection, and the veggies were delicious and plentiful.

I definitely think the Pie deserves a 4/5 for having great vegan pizza options as well as additional options like cheese bread, calzones, and salads. You can even get a vegan slice of pizza! Oh, and they have a vegan ground ‘beef’ you can put on your pizza too. The only reason I’m not giving them a 5 is because they don’t have any vegan dessert 😦


2 thoughts on “The Pie Pizzeria in West Jordan, Utah

  1. We went there last night! I LOVE their vegan cheese pull-aparts, and they are huge! I got a 12" with vegan cheese, vegan ground beef, peppers, onions, olives and pineapple. So good! So much food! My only complaint is that when you build your own pizza it's $1.49 per topping, including the veg-cheese ($2.49 for vegan ground beef). So my $8.99 pizza quickly became a $20 pizza. My husband also eats cheese, so he got his own. Our meal was $44 – damn! But left overs for days I'm sure.

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