Sub Zero’s Vegan Ice Cream in Pleasant Grove, Utah

On our way home from work a couple days ago, Ben and I decided to stop by Sub Zero to try out their vegan ice cream. They have ice cream made from both soy and rice milk and some vegan toppings and mix-ins. The first thing that turned me off from them was when we asked the cashier which flavors were vegan. She had no idea what we were talking about so I asked her which flavors didn’t have dairy and she seemed shaky about that as well. She said that she had seen people who were lactose intolerant get certain flavors, so we just went for it. When we asked her about the mix-ins, it was the same. I tried checking their website and they didn’t have any ingredients or nutritional facts.

I ended up going for the rice milk cherry flavor with dark chocolate chunks and maraschino cherries and Ben got the rice milk mocha flavor with dark chocolate chunks. When I got mine I was pretty disappointed. The cherry flavor was on the verge of being cough syrup flavored and the ice cream wasn’t creamy at all. Ben’s was just as bad and the mocha flavor was super watery and gross. I ended up only eating a couple of bites of mine before the sugar and chocolate (which I had been craving) wasn’t worth it.

I was hoping that the soy would be a bit creamier, but after talking to my work buddy he said that even their dairy ice cream isn’t any good 😦 So, honestly, I wouldn’t waste your money. Ben and I did have fun playing their arcade machines while we were waiting for our ice cream, but having to pay $9 for two bowls of ice cream that weren’t even worth finishing isn’t good enough of a reason for me to go back there. In the end, I would have to give it a 2/5. If you REALLY had an ice cream craving and somehow couldn’t get ice cream any other way (idk…?) it might be worth it. However, I’d like to look more into which of their flavors and mix-ins are actually vegan.


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