Frisch in Salt Lake City, Utah — The Newest Vegan Place in Town

Last Saturday Ben and I were in SLC all day for an English teaching class (we are in training to become English teachers at a local English Skills center) and needed lunch. Lucky, Frisch has just opened the day before and it was the perfect excuse to drop by! I’ve been following Frisch and its owner, Rachel Kade, ever since they started requesting funding on Facebook just a few months ago. Rachel and I became friends on Facebook and I’ve watched the cafe go from an idea to a reality (on Facebook, of course, don’t get too nostalgic). Anyway, it was kind of surreal actually being there after having seen pictures of pieces of furniture and art be collected and created.

The day we were there was only their second day in business, so their menu was limited. However, starting yesterday (june 26) their full menu is available. I was pretty excited about everything on there. Ben and I each got a wrap and their salad tasting plate (an awesome idea when you’re just opening up).

First, the Spicy Chick’n wrap (above). The Spicy Chick’n wrap consists of vegenaise, spinach, bell peppers, and soy curls. Yes, soy curls! I honestly don’t know of many places that cook or carry these around where we live, so it was pretty exciting to bite into! I forgot how satisfying they can be–good choice, Frisch. I also loved the Rico brand whole wheat (yeah! healthy!) tortilla, which I had never had before but was almost like a pita and very tasty. My only complaint about this wrap is that it wasn’t really spicy at all. Honestly I forgot that we had gotten a spicy wrap until Ben asked me how spicy it was. It was more like a pretty basic chick’n and veggie wrap. Rachel had noted that I might want some hot sauce, and next time I’m definitely going to take her up on that.

Next, the Sesame Chick’n wrap! I really liked this one. Vegenaise, bell peppers, cucumber, leafy greens, carrots, and ginger-sesame-marinated soy curls. Good flavor on the soy curls and I loved the fresh veggies (and the wrap, of course!). Only complaint here, again, is the lack of kick. I wish it was a bit more gingery, salty, or spicy.

Last, the salad trio. We got the technicolor tempeh kale salad, quiona black bean salad, and curried tofu. It came on a bed of mixed greens and was a great portion size for the price. My favorite was the tempeh and kale salad and Ben’s was the curried tofu. The quiona was a bit too bland for both of us. Though, after tasting the whole menu, I think that the general lack of strong flavors is on purpose. I have been around people who cook in a similar way before–they don’t use much spice but try to bring out the flavors of the food. Generally I like it though it’s different than the way I cook. But sometimes I want a bit more oomph.

Besides the food, the deco is cute and colorful. The bathroom was clean and nice (a big plus in my book) and the atmosphere was friendly and easygoing.

Here’s a picture of the menu they’re hoping to have this week.

In the end, I would definitely go to Frisch again. They fill a sort of niche that Salt Lake doesn’t currently have–the mid price range, healthy, filling, and easygoing restaurant. I love having options when I go out and I’ve kind of been hoping for a place like this. Though I haven’t tasted their whole menu, I feel confident giving Frisch a 4/5. I’m excited to see what else they produce, and to try their desserts!


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