A Quick Trip to San Francisco, but a Super Long Post

Last weekend Ben and I made a (very) quick trip to see his sister in San Fransisco.

For those of you that don’t know, Ben and I used to rent a lovely townhouse in Pleasant Grove right next to my work. We lived there for almost two years and in that time amassed furniture, tons and tons of random THINGS, and animals. Four animals to be exact–three cats and a dog. When one day shortly after our wedding (at which we got even more THINGS) we got a letter in the mail saying that our townhouse was being foreclosed on, everything changed. It turned out that our landlord hadn’t been paying the mortgage on our place but had still been taking our rent. Luckily when we called him on it he let us live rent-free until we got kicked out when they put the house up for auction. Since we were living day-to-day in the condo and had no idea when we would have to move, we had to find a place and fast. Unfortunately for us, finding a place to rent in Utah with four animals on a budget (Ben wasn’t working at the time) isn’t an easy task. I think I can say that it’s actually impossible.

SOOOO we decided to move into my parent’s basement apartment for a bit. Rent was cheaper than we would pay anywhere else (Yes, we paid rent. We’re not freeloaders!) so we were able to stockpile some cash and figure out what we wanted to do from there. It was hard because we had planned on living in our townhouse for quite a while and weren’t ready to give up all our stuff and, more especially, our animals. We considered buying a place and looked into that for a while, but realized that we really weren’t ready for the commitment and didn’t really even have the money for a down payment. So we had to decide what to do. We eventually decided that we would downsize, Ben would go back to school for his last two semesters, and that we would find a small, cheap place near the university to live in for a year. At the end of a year, we will re-evaluate and see what we want to do. So we started giving away/selling stuff and have been downsizing in the last couple of months. We went from filling a 2-bdr 2-story townhouse to what we have now–a 1-bdr nearly studio apartment (post on this to come soon!!).

The other part of this move? We can now only have two pets. We found a home for our beautiful black cat, Sigurd, with a woman whose cat had just died and was looking for a companion animal. Apparently her cat that just died looked just like Sigurd so she was amazed when she saw him in the classifieds.

The other animal we no longer have is Daggett. Daggett is a beautiful traditional Siamese that Ben’s family has had for almost 13 years. When Ben and I moved into our townhouse we decided to bring Daggett with us who had been living at Ben’s mom’s house. We have had Daggett for almost two years now and decided that because of our situation change we would pass Daggett on to another family member for stewardship. Ben’s sister Becky who lives in San Fransisco graciously offered her home to Daggett. However, she let us know of her decision on July 4 and had already moved into our new place the weekend before. He had been chilling at my parents house while we figured out what to do–which was a less than optimal situation. In addition, we already had a camping spot reserved for this weekend so we had to make an super speedy trip to SF to drop him off THAT WEEKEND. Yes, I know, it may sound crazy to you non-animal lovers πŸ˜‰ But we were happy to do it! So we drove over 24 hours in three days and slept the good part of the time we were actually out there (moving will take it out of you!) but the trip was a success. Daggett is so adaptable and sweet that he fit right in as soon as we put him down. Becky’s kids love having a pet and are so amazed when he sleeps on their bed or comes to them to get pet. He was really just amazing on the drive too–he slept most of the time but sat on Ben’s lap (see picture) some of the time and just chilled. We stopped a few times to let him out and he wasn’t even nervous. He would just roll around in the dirt/sand/grass and purr and look around. We didn’t have to hold him or anything, he was so relaxed and unphased!

That’s my super long story. I will write a write soon about our new place, the new adventures we have moved on to and, of course, post pictures. It’s exciting to be in a new place and to have new challenges ahead of us–but I do miss our animals already. Especially Daggett. Daggett is such a love and is one of the most amazing cats I’ve ever met.

See you space cowboy…


One thought on “A Quick Trip to San Francisco, but a Super Long Post

  1. Traditional Siamese are great cats! They are so carefree and affectionate. Daggett looks to be a Seal point or a chocolate? Our family Siamese was a Seal point mix. πŸ™‚

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