Green River Coffee Co. in Green River, Utah

While in Goblin Valley last weekend, Ben and I stopped by Green River Coffee Co. in Green River on our way home. We discovered it on our way home from Arches last month and it’s now a new favorite–mostly because they have a bunch of flavors of the Alternative Baking Company’s vegan cookies! Yum! They also have soy milk if you want it and their mocha chocolate syrup is accidentally vegan–though it’s a pretty standard non-vegan coffee shop as far as other offerings go. But honestly if you’ve been out in the desert for a few days and are really craving sweets its practically on oasis. Oh, and their coffee is tasty! For those of you who don’t know, Ben is pretty much a coffee snob but he actually LIKES their coffee! Not just tolerates, LIKES! This is the second time we’ve stopped there and I definitely foresee us stopping there again.

So if you’re ever down that way and are craving coffee or some vegan sweets, drop by!


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