China Village in Lindon, Utah

Last week my team at work decided to check out a new Chinese place right near our office, China Village. I called ahead and they said they had some vegan options so I figured I was good. The menu has 1-2 vegan options in the ‘healthy meals’ section and they can also substitute tofu in some of their dishes, though I’m not sure if any of the other ones are vegan.

I went for the Kung-Pao Tofu and paid extra for brown rice. The kung-pao was decent though not spicy at all. The veggies were fresh and there was a generous amount of tofu, which was prepared well. I was kind of disappointed by the non-heat, though. The other thing I wasn’t too stoked about was the price of the brown rice. Though I was really excited that they HAD brown rice (a hard thing to find in Utah), I wasn’t excited about paying TWO DOLLARS for it. Especially when white rice is free. Freaking heck, it was probably at most 1/4 C of uncooked rice which probably cost them less than 50c! Anyway, I wasn’t too happy about paying that much. Also, there was way too much rice for the amount of kung-pao so I ended up wasting probably 1/3 C. Jeez.

In the end, I’d probably have to give it a 2.5/5. I really did like the dish I got, but for the amount of vegan options on the menu and the price of some decent rice I can’t give it a 3. OH and did I tell you there were flies buzzing all around? Well, there were. And it was driving me nuts.

PS. The wonton came with it, though it wasn’t vegan. I gave it away, don’t worry! 😉


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