Pacific Pita in Temecula, California

On our drive to San Diego, Ben and I needed somewhere to get some dinner. I used my handy Happy Cow app to look around where we were and discovered Pacific Pita in Temecula. Pacific Pita is a chain restaurant with two locations in California. They have a bunch of vegetarian options and a good amount of vegan options–plus the staff is knowledgeable about ingredients.

Ben got the vegetarian falafel plate (right) which is rice, falafel, pita, salad, dressing, and your choice of hummus or fries. I got the falafel salad (below) which was HUGE and had tons of veggies and kalamata olives with some kind of vegan oil-based dressing.

Both of our dishes were good and we loved the falafel. Like I said, the salad was huge but the dressing was just ok. Ben’s plate was good and big as well, but there was a lot of rice and not much to put with it.

Overall, we liked it and it was a quick and semi-healthful dinner on the road. I would go there again just for the falafel!

Rating: 3/5


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