Chinese New Year Dinner


For Christmas, my mom had the best idea EVER and gave us a year of family dinners. She did it by wrapping a food item representing each meal for each month and I had to guess what the full present was. Cool, huh?! Last month we did a fancy dinner and this month we did a Chinese dinner to honor the Chinese New Year (Feb 10).

We had a truly fantastic menu and I ate WAY too much. Below are some photos of the meal and some links to the recipes. Even though Chinese New Year has passed, I would definitely recommend doing a Chinese-themed dinner! So much fun!

‘Egg’ drop soup
Deep fried spring rolls
Fried dumplings
Gardein orange chicken with rice
Chow mein
Mu shu veggies with Chinese pancakes (from Chloe’s Kitchen)
Fortune cookies
Almond cookies (I LOVED these. Though I would recommend a bit more almond extract.)


Such an adorable table!



‘Egg’ drop soup–the texture wasn’t the same, but the taste blew me away! It seriously tasted like egg drop soup!


The spread. Everything was vegan except some vegetarian egg rolls.


Some of my family



Delicious cookies and tea!


My mom making the egg drop soup… weird.


Homemade dumpling wrappers, thanks to my mom!


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