Why Vegan?

We are compassionate, emotional people who strongly believe in the concept of ahimsa (अहिंसा). We believe that this concept not only applies to humans, but to animals as well. We believe that many animals are subjects-of-a-life and have an inherent value that gives them the right to never be treated as a means to and end. Though we understand that in our modern society it is impossible to truly do no harm, we feel that it is still worthwhile to do anything we can to get closer to this ideal.

Meggie’s Journey to Veganism
Meggie has been vegan since 2008. She started on her journey to veganism sometime in 2007 when she decided she no longer wanted to take medication to deal with her anxiety and depression. She saw a holistic doctor who determined she was deficient in certain nutrients and put her on a very strict candida diet to help control yeast growth. She also began exercising to increase her natural production of serotonin. After just a few months, she saw a noticeable difference and did not need her medication. At that point she wanted to find a sustainable diet so that she could continue her healthy lifestyle. She decided to try going vegan and six years later she feels great and absolutely loves being vegan.

After she went vegan she was less threatened by the cruel truths behind meat and dairy production and began researching. She watched Earthlings and was horrified by what she saw. She joined the Animal Allies Club at her university and continued to learn and research about the cruelty of using animal products. She took a philosophy class on animal ethics during which she closely studied The Animal Ethics Reader (a fantastic collection of essays on the morality of using animals). She was also involved in planning an animal ethics conference at her university where she heard lectures from, and talked with, many animal ethics advocates including Tom Regan, Shaun Monson, Bernard Rollin, Jerry Vlasak, Steven Best, and Marc Bekoff. Through these experiences, she began to strongly feel that a vegan diet not only made her feel good, but was the only moral choice. She adopted a vegan lifestyle and stopped using all animal products and products tested on animals.

As part of the Animal Allies Club she attended a few protests but learned that passive resistance, voting with her dollars, and being a positive influence on those around her (including this blog!) are more her style. She tries to remember that understanding and love are the biggest secrets to helping others make the transition to veganism.

Ben’s Journey to Veganism
Ben has been vegetarian since 2005 and vegan since 2010. Ben originally went vegetarian when he started getting into exercising. He researched lots of different foods and diets and learned about the detrimental effects of meat and milk. He went vegetarian and stopped eating almost all dairy products except in baked goods. He was vegetarian until he met Meggie—she showed him Earthlings and gave him information on animal intelligence and cruelty. A few months after he and Meggie met, he attended the animal ethics conference with her. He especially connected with Tom Regan and Mark Bekoff and respects and loves their views on animals and animal rights. He decided to go vegan and now loves it. He, too, prefers passive change and is always striving to be a better, kinder, and more understanding person.


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